Why celebrate Heritage?

Why celebrate Heritage?

We are not just us but all our previous generations together. Our today is not just this day but all our days stitched in a sequence.

Moments pass, transitioning into memory, as todays blend in the ocean of yesterdays. Which then become the foundation for our tomorrows, with today bridging the two.

This repository is history in the making, but it’s more. Combined with tradition, values and beliefs, it becomes a treasure trove called ‘heritage’.

Our past also has a responsibility. It uses its experience to finetune the future – with the present as the gift that connects this continuum. How well can it guide the future? Heritage has the answers.

How strong is your heritage? Let’s take the analogy of a huge tree. It’s trunk is the present; its branches, shoots, leaves and fruits comprise the future. This is the more obvious, ‘seen’ part.

What’s unseen are the roots. How deep are they, how strongly have they embedded in the soil? This determines how firm the tree stands.

How grounded are you? Your heritage determines it. You stand tall, face in the clouds... How solid is your stance? To hold your head high in the sky, your need feet that are firmly rooted on the earth. It happens through heritage.

Your heritage informs your history, it enjoys the maximum purchase on your present and future.

With heritage you’ve begun your journey eons ago, benefiting from the wisdom of your forefathers and forever under their benevolent gaze. Without heritage you’re living in a vacuum, embarking on your journey with nothing but a zero behind you.

Your heritage is your treasure, it’s the values and culture you’ve inherited. It’s all you have today, to achieve all you can tomorrow.

Celebrate it!

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