Why we do what we do...

Modaka literally means – ‘that which gives happiness’. No doubt, a befitting name to the superfood with its three super-powers of rice, coconut & Jaggery! 

These delectable dumplings, considered one of the favorite dishes of Lord Ganesha, have for centuries been a celebrated tradition and a popular offering during Ganesh Chaturthi and beyond. 

No matter what our cultural background, the traditions of food are undoubtedly almost always central in connecting family, friends and community. These food traditions unite the family, honor its past and help future generations celebrate their unique heritages. 

However, it is true that the fast-paced lives of the millennials and Gen Zers puts this to test where the ‘labor of love’ foods such as Modaks are endangered and will be a lost art form in a few years.  Wouldn’t that be sad, if future generations never get to partake in the making and eating of this one-of-a-kind goodness? 

Easy Modak is an attempt to make the labor of love in making modaks surprisingly super easy and even kid-friendly without compromising on the quality of a good Modak - the delicate thin skin!  That’s how it is different from the other Modak presses out there. It simply creates a modak that looks and tastes like its hand-crafted counterpart. Try it!

Let’s do our part in keeping our food traditions alive. Let’s pass on the legacy from one generation to the next along with the rich memories that will be made with it.

This simple gadget can help you make Modaks in a jiffy for celebrations and also can evolve into any other ‘modak’ (sweet/savory) with a myriad of different kinds of ‘skins’ and different ‘fillings’ only limited by your tastes and creativity. Modak as appetizer, modak as dessert, modak for lunch box…modak whenever you want without being afraid of the time and labor it used to involve. How cool is that? Ganesha will approve!

Celebrate our heritage. Preserve our traditions. Let’s all attain Modak nirvana!