The videos below will show you how to use your Easy Modak. Though Easy Modak is a gadget that is quite intuitive with its simple design, we assure you watching these videos, will enhance your Modak making experience and make you attain Modak Nirvana!

You have 2 molds - Pleated and Smooth to cater to your preference and the consistency of your dough. Depending on your dough and what you are making (cuz you can make all sorts of things with your Easy Modak), you may like one over the other.

There are two methods.

Method 1 is EASY, where you drop, place and press your dough to form your Modak cups. You will need to oil your top and bottom molds every few Modaks.

Method 2 is SUPER EASY! You line your mold with a thin plastic and tape down the plastic (and that's why you need to watch the video!). With this method, you will need to oil your plastic just once. This method is also super kid-friendly and fat-finger proof as it makes releasing the cups from the mold effortless.

Try both methods and pick your favorite one! It will make fun in the kitchen for the whole family!

Same process, different products! With Easy Modak, the world is yours for the eating! Try your hand at other globally inspired Modak-esque variations! Check out inspirations on the video tab here and on instagram @Easymodak.